New Way to Order! By the Sheet!

Shown: "Damask Too" style


New Way to order at Wall – By the Sheet!

Buy one sheet – or buy many! It’s up to you!

Before, most of our wall decal styles came in packs, either Accent Packs or Wall Packs, depending on how many you needed.

But now it’s much easier to mix and match colors and sizes to get that perfect designer look!

Please note: Products that contain different sheet layouts in a pack are still ordered by the pack.

eg. Hibiscus wall decals, Bloom wall decals, Botanical wall decals, Organic wall decals, Bamboo wall decals


  1. i find it very interesting and educational. thanks for posting anyway.

  2. i’m visiting your website every day, it is very good to know there are still some good blogs.

  3. i agree partially with what you said here, thanks for the info.

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