What are Wall Slicks?

So if you are new to wall decals or wall stickers, we thought we would give you all the scoop in one quick place. So here goes!

“Wall decals” and “wall stickers” are interchangeable terms (they both mean ” stickers for the wall”). But…


Usually when referring to adhesive solid color vinyl stickers, that are cut into the design in question, people call them “wall decals”. That is all we do. We do not use any printed process, it’s all done out of solid color adhesive vinyl, which provides a much more superior product!

Solid Color (45 of them!) – Solid color, that is not made of printed ink is much richer color. Also our color is the same all the time, with no variation, so you can always count on your design matching regardless of if you buy all of now, or buy some here and there. And with 45 colors to choose from, from a buttery yellow to a navy blue, we are bound to have what you need.

Matte Finish – most people think of stickers as being shiny, so they would look fake and stand out from your decor- look cartoony. But not ours! our matte finish blends with your decor and complements it. Has the same finish as most paints so it matches perfectly, and people will think you painted your decorations on.

Thin Material – Unlike printed process stickers that require a laminate layer that make them thick, unrealistic and not stick as well – our wall decals are thin enough to see underlying texture through them and provide a very realistic looking decor. People will think you painted the designs on your surfaces or that it is wall paper.

Completely Removable – Beware of imitators. Some products are not intended for safe adherence to interiors surfaces. Our wall decals are specifically meant for interior surfaces, and are safely removed without leaving sticky residue behind. They can be placed safely on walls, furniture, floors, doors, and even have a waterproof bond on non-porous surfaces like glass, tile, and metal.


We’re like Burger King – we think you should have what you want. So our customizable options are unsurpassed. You can choose from hundred of preset styles of decals, that you can customize to what size, and colors you want. And if you don’t see exactly what you want, we can make what you want!

We have a Custom Design service that we offer for the most reasonable prices you will ever find.

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